Brooklinen x Activation

This campaign was created in collaboration with Activation Residency for Pride of 2021. Activation Residency is a Black trans led artist residency aiming to generate a safer and more collaborative space, adapt to its residents’ needs, and create portals to futures needed now.

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Organic Social Meet the Artists

Organic Social Meet the Artists


Organic Social Store Installation Promo


Co-Creative Director(s): Jess Gary (she/her), Kamra Hakim (they/them)
Founder of Activation Residency: Kamra Hakim (they/them)
Art Direction: Yankel Amarante (she/her)
Store Installation: Mosie Romney (they/them)
Copy: Katherine Penta (she/her)
Photography: Naima Green (she/her)
Creative Production: Hannah Rothkuo (she/her)
Visual Merchandising: David Piazza (he/him)
Video Editing: Peter Dolshun (he/him)
Video Graphics: Yankel Amarante (she/her)
Store Installation Photography: Claudia Di Maio (she/her)
Video: SoMad