Flower Boy

Personal Project / 2018
Branding, Print, Content Creation
Flower Boy — A Conversation is a special edition of Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy album. The materials are an extension of the tour promotion, which includes a ‘meet and greet’ option where fans can hang out with Tyler and a small group of other fans. Everyone who buys a ticket to the tour has an equal chance at being a part of the meet and greet. The purpose of this is to start an intimate conversation about growth and change, which are the main themes of the album. Winning fans also get a limited-edition vinyl, book, and cassette. The color palette was inspired by the vibrant lyrics and nostalgic sound. I integrated metaphors for growth throughout the visual system and included a self-reflective image in the front cover of the vinyl to tie in the introspective aspect— a starting point for self-growth.