Meld Bean Co.

Personal Project / 2019
Branding, Print, Content Creation, Package Design
Meld Bean Co. is a socially conscious coffee company that offers unique beans and flavors. I created Meld Bean Co. to expose consumers to coffee beans and flavors from all over the world. They support communities by practicing fair trade and exposing bean companies through their brand.

Their subscription service allows consumers to order beans and oils to infuse at home or to pick up at their brick-and-mortar locations. They also serve specialty coffee in their shops and serve different bean and oil combinations every season. They provide a unique experience for customers by allowing them to experiment by creating customizable orders to pick up the following day or shipped through the subscription service.Maria Benitez, Meld Bean Co.’s hypothetical founder, was influenced by her family, who ran a coffee farm in her hometown: Medellin, Colombia. I based the brand around the founder profile and used Azteca influences for the font choice, textures, and color palette.