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Yankel Amarante is a multi-disciplinary designer with experience in brand identity, web design, front-end coding, motion graphics, and illustration.  When designing for brands, she focuses on creating a unique voice and idenity to connect clients with their audience. Her work often involves bold and playful color palettes and is distinguished by an intentional use of texture, geometry, and line—  combining funcationality and playfulness. 

She is a first generation Dominican-American (Afro-Latina) born in Miami, Florida. She later moved to Gainesville, FL to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Florida and is currently an in-house Digital Designer at Brooklinen.

She is interested in the evolution of the digital world and the intersectional opportunities that exist between traditional fine arts and technology. Driven by designing for people, she has a particular interest in creating tools and platforms that serve under represented communities.